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Historic Aero Engineering

We believe in quality engineering - ensuring you depart and arrive safely as intended. Between our ever-growing team of skilled and experienced engineers, our specialist tooling, and our ever-growing library of aircraft maintenance literature and technical drawings, Historic Aero can provide engineering solutions for over 50 types of airframe, engine, and propellers.

Historic Aero Engineering is fully regulated by the CAA, also working with other aviation authority establishments across Europe and the rest of the world - as well as internally audited by our dedicated Quality Assurance Staff to remain steadfast in practice.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Annual servicing - (25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 + inspection) of fixed and rotary wings
  • Pre - purchase inspections
  • Pre-flight and away-from-base servicing and support.
  • Pre/post purchase inspections (including aircraft paperwork).
  • Propeller overhaul, and refinishing (including NDT inspection).
  • Piston engine servicing and overhaul.
  • C.A.M.O
  • Component bay servicing, including landing gear, etc.​​
  • Aircraft transport, including disassembly and rebuild & all other aspects of aircraft engineering - as required.
Our purpose-built facilities allow us to maintain a wide range of aircraft, across the fixed wing (jet turbine, and propeller) and rotary wing categories. We're proud of our engineering team, hand-selected not only for their civilian or ex-military experience (or sometimes both) but also for their enthusiasm and passion for the aircraft.

  • Jet turbine servicing, inspection & restoration
  • Fixed and rotary wings servicing, maintenance and restoration
  • Piston engine servicing and overhaul
  • Ejection seat servicing
  • Propeller servicing and overhaul
  • Component overhaul
  • & much more

Our workshops and experience can accommodate

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