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We know aircraft

Our experience in aviation engineering spans over decades

After successfully assisting with the restoration, maintenance and servicing of countless ex-military aircraft, Historic Aero have expanded their team to include an immensely talented group of engineers with fantastic General Aviation experience - and in order to offer services to an even wider range of aircraft, Historic Aero Engineering was formed back in 2021. Appointing a fully B1 and B2 licensed Chief Engineer and additional certifying licensed engineers, and after passing CAA mandatory audits with flying colours to achieve full approval, we at Historic Aero Engineering are ready to offer a clear and concise plan in the caretaking of your aircraft. We will not compromise on safety, and we know every aircraft is different - so we know how important it is to offer a bespoke and professional service each and every time

We believe in value for money engineering

Taking a firm lesson from the conclusions of research as carried out by Conrad Hal (C.H.) Waddington for the RAF during World War 2, and techniques applied by commercial airlines, we use targeted, bespoke maintenance, thorough research before building your maintenance programme.

This ensures your maintenance is relevant, as opposed to overselling engineering procedures

to not only keep you flying for longer - but to also give you the peace of mind you need with us

managing the engineering of your aircraft safely and efficiently. As we get to know your aircraft

and its operating environment, your maintenance will not only meet mandatory requirements, it

will also target increased reliability without being overcomplicated and unrequired.

NWGA Waddington B24.png

In-Person Consultation

Research into basic requirements

for maintenance of your aircraft

Select engineering tasks noted

to be proposed as part of

maintenance plan

Compilation of information,

proposal of maintenance

programme to aircraft owner

Agreement by aircraft owner, proceeding of engineering as per proposed plan

Conclusion of engineering,

end of work review

with aircraft owner.

Historic Aero Engineering - Permit to Fly aircraft maintenance, restoration, servicing, and more

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