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AC Painting / Refinishing

Our Facilities

We have facilities, very experienced paint and refinishing staff.

We have undertaken restoration and refinishing of several high profile static aircraft displays recently, we also undertake all painting and refinishing of flying aircraft for many of our clients including helicopters that we have restored for sale.

One of our Wasp helicopters featured at Goodwood won a concours trophy. 

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Scratch' restoration, including skin repair, and rebuilding.
  • Repainting services from full refinish to touch-in.
  • Aircraft transport, including disassembly and rebuild & all other aspects of aircraft engineering - as required.
  • & much more.
Our Painting / Refinishing Projects

Westland Wasp HAS MK.1 XT435 (G-RIMM) 

Not long after purchase by a new owner. the decision was made to have G-RIMM refinished into the original scheme she wore during her Royal Navy service. A full rub back was carried out and the new scheme thoroughly researched before it was applied in house using the period correct colours.

Shortly after her re-finish, the aircraft was invited to take part in the prestigious Freddie March Spirit of Aviation Concours D'Elegance at the Goodwood Revival, where she took home 3rd Place wreath for best presented aircraft after judging. This was a significant achievement for us, as this was the first visit by any aircraft prepared by us to the event, and one we remain extremely proud of.

3RD Placed Aircraft in the Goodwood Revival Freddtie March Spirit of Aviation Concours D'Elegance

Hawker Hunter F.1 WT555

Aircraft Refinishing NWHA Ltd Hangar 4_e

The Hawker Hunter F.1 WT555 was a truly unique and exciting project for us to tackle. First flown in 1953, WT555 was the first production example of Hawker's legendary Hunter fighter aircraft. Following her service with the military, she passed into private hands with Vanguard Self Storage who displayed her for many years atop one of their facilities.

Vanguard contracted us with bringing this airframe back to the condition in which she rolled off the production line nearly 70 years ago. We carried out a thorough strip, repair, and repaint of the aircraft, producing one of the paint finishes we are most proud of. A true 'Phoenix from the ashes' project! 

Westland Scout AH.1 XV126 (G-SCTA) 

After spending many years in an all over purple civilian paint scheme, an ownership change meant a change of paint scheme. After extensive discussion and consultation with us, it was decided we should paint SCTA in markings representing an aircraft that took part in Exercise Crusader in Germany in 1980.

The airframe was entirely paint stripped in house before being freshly re-sprayed in her chosen scheme. Any defects discovered beneath her paint were rectified to the highest standard possible. Her interior was also resprayed into a period-correct military spec finish, making her one of the finest examples in British skies.

As part of her major restoration, it was decided that WV322 should have a new paint finish. The chosen markings were that of an airframe flown as the Admirals Barge aircraft by the Royal Navy.

An extensive paint strip to the whole airframe was carried out before the aircraft was re-painted. Following the painting, the unique Admirals Barge markings were painstakingly applied and when finished, WV322 became one of the most eye-catching examples of the Hunter around.   

BZSE Paint job 04.png
BZSE Paint job 03.png
BZSE Paint job 02.png

Hawker Hunter T.8C WV322 (G-BZSE) 

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