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Engine & Propellers

Historic Aero Engineering has a working Engine Bay capable of repair and full overhaul of Vintage and modern Aero Engines.

We have produced Bristol radials,  specialising in the sleeve valved mighty Centaurus, both Mk 18 for Sea Fury and the only Mk VI currently restored for flight in the world.

Shortly to be completed and run in for Hawker Tempest MkII G-TEMT.

We also have experience of the smaller more conventional Pegasus nine cylinder.

At present the bays hold two Rolls Royce Griffon Mk VI engines destined for Seafire XVI and XVII airframes.

We hold UK CAA approval to overhaul and release to service Bristol Centaurus, Pegasus.

Rolls Royce Griffon all marks and Merlin V12s.  Napier Sabre H24.  Pratt and Whitney R1340, other P and W Models can be added if demanded. Alvis Leonides. Lycoming flat four and sixes.


We will expand to any other types if needed by a customer.

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We have just partnered with Hoffmann Propeller Gmbh, which allows us to offer full overhaul via the OEM factory of Vintage blades for Hurricane, Spitfire and others as has always been the OEM required standard.

Hubs and operating mechanisms are dealt with in house at Historic Aero Engineering.

We can supply new Propellers using, vintage Rotol, new Hoffmann, or new Hercules blades, all of which we have full OEM or UK CAA approvals.

Our work is to original manufacturer standards with no deviation tolerated from that. We are proud of what we do and always treat a customer's equipment like it were our own.

Nothing but the best goes out of our doors.

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